SIM Ep 520 Pod 161: Sport-fuelled, haunted and Furious

How much sport is too much sport? Let's find out. In this week's podcast, Jen is trying to compress Wimbledon, the Euros and the Olympics into one Jenny Off The Blocks and it's a valiant effort, if we do say so ourselves. She's also been chatting to author Zen Cho about representations of Malaysia, haunting grannies, and her new book Black Water Sister. Cinemas need bums on seats, so Hannah's been on the Zoom with our favourite film fan, Yosra Osman, to talk about what new flicks are absolutely crying out for a big-screen viewing. Mickey's got all the news about soldiers in stilettos in Sexism of the Week and we ponder a maskless world and that Bill Cosby ruling in BT. And John Singleton's debut film, 1991's Boyz N The Hood gets the Rated or Dated treatment. That sounds like a lot. It is a lot. You're welcome.

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