SIM Ep 513 Pod 158: Yarl's Wood, the Euros and David Bowie's wang (walk into a podcast)

It's Refugee Week, so Mickey has been on the Zoom with Agnes Tanoh and Sam Hudson from Women For Refugee Women about how Yarl’s Wood is a prison not sanctuary, the plight of refugee women in the UK, and the fight to halt the building of a new detention centre in County Durham. Euro 2020 is finally underway, so Jen chats to Scotland Women's football manager and BBC Sport pundit, Shelley Kerr. With all this talk about "the health of the nation", Hannah's got a barrage of facts in BT that might make you question what those words mean. And, cover your eyes, The Goblin King has his indecently tight pants on in Rated or Dated, as we watch 986's Labyrinth. You have been warned.

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