SIM Ep 511 Pod 157: Unwell women, Hill without Bill, and RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

Curtis Sittenfeld’s latest novel, Rodham, imagines an alternative history for Hillary Clinton – one in which she never married Bill – and she chats to Hannah about how exactly you go about blending fact and fiction, the highs and lows of 2016, and that time Hannah predicted a tit explosion in a political debate. 

Rubbish research, wandering wombs and the ol’ “women are making shit up” come into play AGAIN, as Jen talks to Dr Elinor Cleghorn about women and medicine and the litany of ways women’s bodies and minds have been misunderstood throughout history, as covered in her new book Unwell Women. And in JOTB, Jen's chatting the Euros, the Paralympics and showing solidarity.

The team are wearing sandals and ready to fight stop-motion beasties as Rated or Dated travels back to 1981’s Clash of the Titans to get misty-eyed over Ray Harryhausen’s creations and baffled by Laurence Olivier’s film choices. And there’s a quite frankly astonishing amount of good news in the Bush Telegraph. Also, y’know, some depressing business as usual, because the world's not tilted entirely off its axis.

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