SIM Ep 508 Pod 157: Isolation, celebration and parents who need to stay divorced

Ever read a book and thought, "I'd love it if (child I know) could read it, but it's still a bit old for them?" Well, Victoria Hislop has solved that problem with at least one of those books, rewriting her novel The Island, as Maria's Island, a book for kids. Jen caught up with her to find out more, and also learned a lot about why leprosy is still a real problem in some parts of the world. Hannah's been chatting about the Celebrating City Women initiative with Wendy Hyde, from The City of London Corporation, and historian Virginia Rounding. Plus, Jen chats Naomi Osaka, mental health and the media, in Jenny Off The Blocks, and it's double Hayley Mills and piss-poor parenting ahoy as we watch 1961's The Parent Trap in Rated or Dated. Tuck in! 

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