SIM Ep 506 Pod 156: We are the stigmatists, journalists and weirdos, mister

It’s hard for teenage girls to make their voices heard at the best of times, let alone in the midst of a global pandemic. This week Mick chats to playwright and co-director of Illumine Theatre, Lisa Parry, who's written an excellent play, The Merthyr Stigmatist, about just this. They also talk about small-town Wales, and that time a cockatiel decapitated the baby Jesus. 


Prepare for your mind to be blown as Hannah gets on the Zoom with writer Judith Mackrell, to talk about her new book Going With The Boys: Six Extraordinary Women Writing From The Front Line, a group biography of six incredible women working as Second World War correspondents. 


In Jenny off the Blocks, Jen’s got beef with clay as she gives us the lowdown on the French Open, and in Rated or Dated, we're hailing the four corners of shite special effects as we watch 1996's The Craft.


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