SIM Ep 494 Pod 161: The outside world, the outside gym and the friend only you can see

The world is opening up again, but do all of us feel ready for it? Mick's been on the phone with Standard Issue's favourite psychotherapist, Jane Watson, to find out how to ease ourselves back into the old normal and what to do if we like the new normal too much for that. Jen catches up with Faye Bell, founder of Strong and Bendy fitness studio to chat about post-Covid gymming. In Rated or Dated, we talk mud pies, upskirting and the late Rik Mayall as we watch 1991's Drop Dead Fred. The Church of England, Hatt Mancock and a woman's right to choose what happens to her own body all get a look-in in The Bush Telegraph. And then there's Pinky Gloves. WTAF?

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