SIM Ep 499 Pod 153: Slugs, space and the need, the need for speed

Masturbation, owed orgasms, shame, grief and the word 'moist': all of them get a look-in during Mick's wide-ranging chat with excellent poet Hollie McNish, whose brilliant new book, Slug is a bona-fide gem. Hannah catches up with Julie Gearey, writer and creator of new SkyOne sci-fi series Intergalactic, to chat the joys of a feminist Con Air in particular, and women in sci-fi in general.

In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen's loving the work of Katie Taylor and Emma Hayes, and there’s a need for greater respect the American taxpayer in this week’s Rated or Dated, Top Gun. Plus there’s dodgy ‘dos, dodgy deeds, and generally too much news in the Bush Telegraph.

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