SIM Ep 498 Chops 204: Magic, pum-pums and the glory of fuck

Leone Ross’s incredible third novel, This One Sky Day (published as Popisho in the US), is a joyous magic realism adventure into self-acceptance and the power of people. 

It led to Leone and our Mick having a wide-roaming natter, which covers self-discovery, self-acceptance, the joy of sauce, the food we need, workaday magical powers, the power of pum-pums (vulvas, if you’re wondering), transformative sex, politics with a big and a small ‘P’, imagining an island with no colonial history and the evergreen glory of the word ‘fuck’. 

Before you dig in, an apology: at the time of the interview, Mick didn’t notice Leone’s jewellery jangle, which you will hear throughout the chat (despite her best editing). You will get used to it though, promise.

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