SIM Ep 496 Pod 152: Embracing sadness, overturning assumptions, and Big Billy Two Dicks

How do you feel about being sad? It might be hard to feel good about it, but journalist Helen Russell has some excellent reasons to stop fearing it, as she chats to our Jen about her new book, How To Be Sad: Everything I've Learned About Getting Happier, By Being Sad, Better

Mick’s been on the Zoom with Lara Parmiani, artistic director of Legal Aliens Theatre Company, to chat about Things I Am Not, a ten-part series of podcasts turning assumptions around migrant women on their head. 

There are super-leagues, mega-bucks, and Red Roses in Jenny Off The Blocks; dodgy dealings, hope, hard work, and great knobs of the ocean in The Bush Telegraph, and modern girls, modern boys, but no sports bras in Rated or Dated, as the team watches 1981’s Gregory’s Girl.

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