SIM Ep 490 Pod 149: Motherhood, history, and thank fuck for Hugh Grant

This weekend is the British Library's HistoryFest, so Hannah's been on the Zoom with one of this year's speakers, Dr Peggy Brunache, to find out more about the trans-Atlantic slave trade and what myth should be thrown in the bin forever. Mickey catches up with Katherine Kotz, multi-hyphenate in the arts, and curator of an excellent new online short-film festival called The Motherhood Project at the Battersea Arts Centre, which is raising cash for Refuge. Katherine managed to fight the delirium of new mumming to explain why it exists and what punters can expect.

And blimey O’Reilly, what a Rated Or Dated, as Hannah and Mick revisit Bridget Jones’s Diary 20 years on to see how it speaks to, for and about women. Strap in: it ain’t pretty.

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