SIM Ep 487 Pod 148: Gloss, hormones and Julia Roberts's tits

We're not always singing from the same hymn sheet as other women's magazines, but that doesn't mean we don't find the whole industry fascinating. So this week, Mickey got on the phone to Nina-Sophia Miralles to chat about the history of one its biggest beasts, Vogue, which Nina charts in her new book Glossy. Jen's chatting hormones, training and women's sport with The Well HQ's Baz Moffat and Dr Emma Ross. We put on our best push-up bras (we don't) for this week's Rated or Dated, as we watch Julia Roberts being beautifully frank and frankly beautiful in Erin Brockovich. In the Bush Telegraph, Hannah's pretty dubious (and very sweary) about vaccine passports and Mickey's got some shocking (also not shocking) facts about women in advertising. Have at it.

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