SIM EP 482 Pod 146: Rummaging, working from home and wannabe rocking

Working from home has been the bane of many people’s lives over the last 12 months, but Harriet Minter, journalist, broadcast and author of new book Working From Home, reckons there are some pretty serious pros, as well. She tells Hannah all about finding out how, where and when you work best to optimise performance. Meanwhile, we’ve been rummaging in our family trees with this week’s podcast sponsor, Ancestry, and Mick talks to the genealogy brand’s executive story producer, Jennifer Utley, to get some top tips on researching the women in your families. In the Bush Telegraph, we’re talking about male violence against women, whataboutery, what the whattery, and why we desperately need to talk to our boys. And in Rated or Dated, we’re confused by the confederate flag, as we watch Chesney Hawkes vehicle, 1991’s Buddy’s Song.

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