SIM Ep 473 Pod 145: Fearless, seeking justice and kinda funny looking

The pandemic has highlighted many things, not least that motherhood is hard work. In this week's podcast, Jen talks to Pregnant Then Screwed's Joeli Brearley about the fight for rights for pregnant women and mothers, and her new book Pregnant Then Screwed. Hannah's also chatting imposter syndrome, bad haircuts and The Fear Fighter Manual with Luvvie Ajayi Jones. British Gymnastics comes under the spotlight in Jenny Off The Blocks and in BT we're talking nuance, Shamima Begum and - er - Mr Potato Head, who's lost his Mr but not his head, which to be fair is 90% of him. And in Rated or Dated we're off to snowy Minnesota to watch 1996's Fargo. Oh, you betcha ya, yah.

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