SIM Ep 468 Pod 143: Selfishness, swallows, and sleeping with a hat montage

Knowing what is or isn't going to give you a hangover is essential lockdown intel, so Mick gets busy herding delightful comedy cats and hosts of the Spit or Swallow podcast, Lou Conran and Sally-Anne Hayward, to find out more. Jen has a natter with Michelle Elman, life coach and author of new book The Joy of Being Selfish, about boundaries, why we need them and how to set them. 

In Jenny off the Blocks, Jen's talking sailing, specifically the Vendee Globe, completed by Pip Hare last week. Just how good a combo is domestic violence, absent eyelids and a glorious hat montage? Find out as this week’s Rated or Dated revisits Sleeping With The Enemy. Plus, in the Bush Telegraph, there's fun with percentages, a(nother) celebration of Stella Creasy, and a centuries-old debate about where women should be is still happening. Sigh.

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