SIM Ep 466 Pod 14: Under pressure, slightly hungover and on the rampage

We've all been under a lot of pressure in the last year and anecdotal evidence suggests it's starting to take its toll on the nation's relationships. So, this week, Hannah got on the phone to Dee Holmes from Relate, to find out if work pressures, health concerns, financial worries, grief, childcare issues and close proximity is bonding us closer together or tearing us apart. Mickey's chatting to Rebecca Watson about little scratch, her debut novel, a formally inventive day-in-the-life of a slightly hungover woman. In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen's wondering if a top woman moving from managing women's football to men's football is good news for women in sport and Mick's off to Japan and Sutton Hoo in Sexism of the Week. And finally, in Rated or Dated, we very much are looking at you Robert, as we watch 1976's Taxi Driver and Hannah thinks she's identified Q. Tuck in!

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