SIM Ep 457 Pod 138: Science, cancer, and hey The Kids, u ok hun?

Covid is hitting cancer patients especially hard, and Professor Pat Price, chair of the charity Action Radiotherapy and founder of Radiotherapy4Life and the #CatchUpWithCancer campaign, talks to Jen about what that means in human terms, the state of the NHS, what can be done, and how the Catch Up With Cancer campaign can help.

The miracle of science that is Dr Suze Kundu gets on the Zoom with Mick to talk vaccines, what’s happening in the world of STEM, how to tackle those home-school science lessons and – of course – how it's going for women and girls in science. 

Over on Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen’s explaining why those “business meetings in Dubai” have made for a bad week for the Women’s Super League, while in Rated or Dated, the team asks "What's with the kids today? Erm, sorry, in the ‘50s?" as they watch 1955 classic, Rebel Without A Cause. Plus, in the Bush Telegraph, there's all sorts of GOOD news. We shit you not.

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