SIM Ep 454 Pod 136: Debt, Driving Forces and ¿donde esta el water sword?

As the UK teeters on the edge of another economic crisis, Hannah gets on the blower to Dr Jodi Gardner to chat about austerity and what the Government could be doing to avoid the mistakes of the past. Is it, do we think? *hollow laughter* Jen chats to Judy Murray about her new women’s sports series, Driving Force, and how to turn your kids into tennis champions. And hold on to your stolen leather jackets, because in this week’s Rated or Dated, we’re taking an inappropriate extra-curricular play date with 1996’s Dangerous Minds. Plus, coming live from tier nine thousand eight hundred and twelve, the gang discuss new rules, shambolic schools, and just how Spanish you have to be, to be, well, Spanish.

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