SIM Ep 449 Pod 135: TV history, amateur dramatics and thank God for bungee cords

Should there be a disclaimer on The Crown that it’s a drama not straight history? It’s just one of the questions about television’s depictions of history that Hannah puts to historian and author Hallie Rubenhold, as they chat accuracy in period dramas. Hazel Davis and Jenny Landreth share their love of amateur dramatics, wonder why some people *cough* are a bit sniffy about it, and talk Break A Leg, Jenny’s book extolling the joys of community theatre. 

In Jenny Off The Blocks, Tom Allen’s been trying his hand at commentating and Jen’s all for it. She’s also chatting Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign, netball outfits and voting for Hollie Doyle in this year’s SPOTY. There’s a lot to love (life-size Jesus doll on a cross) despite a bad taste in the mouth (dated language and some punching down) as the team watch 1999’s Drop Dead Gorgeous. But will they be able to agree if it’s Rated or Dated? Plus there’s gunships, extra cash, elf-wear, and snack revelations in the Bush Telegraph.

Lob us a party egg, we’re proper giddy!

The audio of Tom Allen and Mark McAdam is from Sky Sports News' Gillette Soccer Saturday Live Scores from Saturday 12 December.

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