SIM Ep 439 Gig 58: Rickard and Chaponda

Welcome to our annual MAN GIG, an absolute smasher of a natter Mick and Hannah had with comedian Daliso Chaponda and screenwriter and actor Laurence Rickard. Chat includes pet cavemen, Jacinda Ardern, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Alton Towers, and selling Ed Sheeran, as well as providing answers to the questions "where did the Dunleavys get that Sanyo VHS recorder from?" and "what exactly is Mick’s granddad playing at?"

On the subject of MEN, please do have a listen to our IMD2020 series of Chops, where we’re chatting to, in no particular order: Andrew Cotter, Mat Fraser, Michael Spicer, Richard Herring, and Dan Guinness and Ben Hurst from The Good Lad Initiative. 

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