SIM Ep 433 Pod 130: Ushers, refugees and Rebecca, I tell you!

Welcome to Lockdown II: Electric Boogaloo or whatever we’re calling these latest Unprecedented Times. It’s already having an effect and has put My Red Stripes – disability and inclusion campaigner Jo Milne’s public health awareness campaign around Usher Syndrome – on hold for a while. Nevertheless, Jo still has a lot of interesting stuff to share with Mick about what she’s been up to, what we can do to recognise invisible disabilities, and how masks are a problem for deaf people. 

Meanwhile, Hannah’s chatting to director Eva Mulvad about Love Child, her poignant documentary of Leila – who also joins in the chat – and Sahand, an Iranian couple who, outlawed for their love, flee the country with their four-year-old son, Mani.

And in Rated or Dated, it’s happy 80th birthday to Alfred Hitchcock’s take on Daphne Du Maurier classic, Rebecca. Does it lead to violent love behind a palm tree or will Hannah and Mick set fire to it a la Mrs Danvers and Manderley? Next slide, please. 

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