SIM Ep 421 Pod 126: Studies, steel and a shameful waste of whiskey

Wondering what lockdown did to the nation's physical and mental health? Then wonder no longer, because this week Hannah's been on the phone to Dr Daisy Fancourt, one of the team behind the Covid Social Study, to find out how things like sex, age, race and socio-economic grouping absolutely affected how you will have experienced the last six months. Hazel Davis chats to Michelle Rawlins, author of Women Of Steel, which charts the story of the incredible Sheffield women who stepped up during World War II to keep the foundry fires burning. In Rated or Dated, we're bemoaning the wanton waste of perfectly good whiskey - and Jerry Bruckheimer's vision of feminism - as we watch soon-to-be 20 Coyote Ugly. And in the Bush Telegraph, Mick's chatting Brexit, Hannah's chatting Trump and we're all thanking monkey Jesus that David Attenborough's joined Instagram. Tuck in!

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