SIM Ep 420 Chops 180: International Safe Abortion Day 2020

Monday 28 September is International Safe Abortion Day and our hard-working, very tired friends at Alliance 4 Choice got in touch to let us know that while the usual March For Choice can’t happen this year because pandemic, they’ve got some activities lined up over the weekend to celebrate it. It seemed the perfect opportunity to have a catch up about where abortion rights are at in Northern Ireland, with our neighbours in Ireland, and in Gibraltar, Malta and Poland. And so, we’re talking to Danielle Roberts of Northern Ireland’s Alliance For Choice, Anna Carnegie of Ireland’s Abortion Rights Campaign, Selena Victory of No More Shame and Gibraltar For Yes, and – of course! – the powerhouse that is Abortion Support Network’s Mara Clarke.

Happy International Safe Abortion Day! Let’s make bodily autonomy something that every woman can celebrate. 

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