SIM Ep 419 Pod 125: The joy of Joan, the future of theatre, and sexy pots

One last face-to-face interview before we all become inside people again? You got it. Mick meets up with our music guru/mother of kittens Liz Buckley to celebrate Joan Jett, an incredible musician who isn’t letting turning 62 get in the way of being a rock icon. Hannah gets on the blower to Kaya Stanley Money, executive director of Camden People's Theatre, to find out what's next, both for that venue and for theatre as a whole, why theatre is so expensive to make and the joy of digital.

Plus, in the Bush Telegraph, there’s the Notorious RBG, a surprisingly clear take on what’s what with the government and Covid, and a return to Gilead. And, 30 years on, how are Mick and Hannah’s loving feelings for 1990 supernatural tissue-fest Ghost? And exactly how erotic is *that* pottery scene? Answers and, to be fair, many more questions raised, in this week’s Rated or Dated. 

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