SIM Ep 414 Pod 124: problem films, silent women and way too much hair

Big questions dominate this week’s episode. 

1. Does building a house while singing and dancing make amends for outrageous sexism? No, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, no it does not. Still, nice moves. That’s just one of the old(er) films Hannah and our resident movie buff Yosra Osman tackle in a fascinating chat about what happens when your favourite film – and indeed novel, song or cartoon – becomes “problematic”. 

2. Why do women stay silent in the face of abuse at the hands of powerful men? Mick catches up with author Hannah Begbie about this big topic, something Hannah tackles with skill and a delicate touch in her new book Blurred Lines

3. What the feck’s happening with Brexit and indeed in America? Mick and Hannah give explaining those particular shitshows their best shots in the Bush Telegraph. 

And finally, possibly the biggest question of all… 

4. Is 1995’s, Oscar-nabbing, Mel Gibson vehicle Braveheart rated or dated? Find out as a staple feature from our magazine years makes it onto the podcast. Altogether now: FREEEEEEEEEDDDDDOOOOOM! 

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