SIM Ep 411 Pod 123: Goddesses, fairies and everyone's favourite Nightingale

We took the Bank Holiday off so there's no BT or DDD this week, but instead four - count 'em - FOUR great interviews with FIVE - *faints* - top women this week. 

Mick catches up with the one and only Annie Nightingale, Britain's first female DJ, longest serving woman at Radio 1 and an utter delight, to talk about Hey Hi Hello, her latest book, which charts five decades of pop culture. Hannah's talking to Nydia Hetherington about her debut novel A Girl Made of Air, fairies on the Isle of Man and the literary appeal of the circus. Mick chats with the excellent Liz Foley and Beth Coates about You Goddess! their follow-up to What Would Boudicca Do? – this time they’re gleaning useful advice and female solidarity from legendary (literally) women. And, last but not least, Hannah's found another ethical clothes shopping fan in journalist Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett. Have at it!

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