SIM Ep 399 Pod 119: Recovery, NEETs and make ours a large one

Lessons from history, the life-changing power of confidence, lots of Scotch and a 90s revival all play big roles in this week’s podzine. Annabel Bligh of The Conversation UK and The Anthill Podcast tells Mickey about new podcast series Recovery, a fascinating six-parter looking at key crises through history, and society’s subsequent recovery, to see if any parallels can be drawn with what’s happening today. 

Hannah talks to Kate Nation, founder of Turtle Dove, a charity aiming to empower young women not in education, employment or training – NEETs – about what they do and the incredible difference self-confidence can make. And grab yourself a scotch and your best John Motson costume, as Dunleavy Does Disaster discusses the word “classic” in regards to 1979’s Meteor. Oh, and there’s not even the tiniest apology for Mick’s terrible Sean Connery impression. Plus there’s fat fighting, fundraising and a continuing lack of empathy on Twitter in the Bush Telegraph. 

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