SIM Ep 397 Chops 171: Jenny Kleeman talks Sex Robots & Vegan Meat

Journalist and documentary maker Jenny Kleeman talks to Mickey about her astonishing debut non-fiction, Sex Robots & Vegan Meat. Five years in the writing, Jenny delves into new innovations in technology on the frontiers of sex, food, birth and death that will, in the future, change the way we live (and die) forever.

They talk about the impact these technologies will have on women, which tends to be – wait for it! – negative and also tends to outweigh any negative effect on men. They also chat about some positive outcomes, Terminator on the dark web, and Jurassic Park.

Jenny is utterly engaging with a nicely dark sense of humour when it comes to the dystopia seemingly just around the corner. She’s also hopeful about the human race. Can she convince our Mick to feel the same?

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