SIM Ep 396 Pod 117: sex robots, period drama and naked disaster

Period blood, poos stuck in windows, sex robots and death machines: squeamishness be damned in this week’s episode. Journalist and documentary maker Jenny Kleeman tells Mickey about her debut book, Sex Robots & Vegan Meat, a fascinating, terrifying and darkly funny look at technological innovations currently in the pipeline that could potentially change how we live (and die) forever. 

Hannah catches up with Kelly O’Sullivan, writer and star of new film Saint Frances, which opens in cinemas later this month, to talk drama-free abortion and why period-stained is definitely the new black.

There’s impressive explosions and thoughtful casting in DDD – sorrywhatnow?! – as Hannah, Mick and Lucy watch 2016’s based-on-a-true-story Deepwater Horizon and feel the fear of being fully nude when disaster strikes. And thank Christ for animals, providing all the good news in the Bush Telegraph. 

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