SIM Ep 391 Chops 168: Picking your battles with Ashley 'Dotty' Charles

Angry at the world? You probably should be. But, as Ashley 'Dotty' Charles tells us in this week's Chops, if you don't pick your battles, you can't win the war. The broadcaster and writer tells Jen about her excellent (and much-needed) new book Outraged: Why Everyone is Shouting and No One is Talking, about the difference between productive and not-at-all-helpful indignation, and how some people have built a career from being outraged. 

Because there's so many excellent women and not enough time, we've two Chops this week, so when you finish here, pop over to check out our other hearty feast of a Chops, where Mickey chats to Empire editor Terri White about her memoir Coming Undone. It's an excellent listen too. Happy Sunday!


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