SIM Ep 389 Pod 116: shielding, Coming Undone and Olympic mumming

Disability activist Gem Turner has been shielding, and she talks to Hannah about what that means, whether she feels ready to go back into the real world and what the last few months have taught her about how this Government views disabled people. Award-winning journalist and editor-in-chief of Empire magazine Terri White chats to Mickey about her beautiful, hard-hitting memoir Coming Undone, an extraordinary book, dealing with poverty, child abuse, alcoholism and mental breakdown. 

And time-travelling Jen is here again, catching up with the awesome – in the most literal meaning of the word – Jo Pavey about being an Olympian and keeping kids active during lockdown.

Jam-packed? Damn right. 

Plus, in Dunleavy Does Disaster, Hannah, Mick and Lucy are stuck in a tunnel with Sylvester Stallone and a plucky band of survivors trying to reach Daylight (and very ungrateful about the vital help from their rat friends). And in the Bush Telegraph, Hannah and Mick are talking Thrones of Labour, CPS failings and Mary Jackson HQ.

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