SIM Ep 387 Pod 115: Zooming, driving & showing gender stereotypes the door

We love women, we love history, we love a whole lot of women's history. So, the good news is, in this week's podcast, Mickey chats to a Standard Issue fave, writer Anneka Harry about her new book Gender Rebels, which celebrates the diverse, defiant and daring women who changed the rules, and their identities, to get shit done. Broadcaster Sue Elliott-Nicholls has, like all of us, been Zooming and she shares her thoughts about her mini-me in the corner. We've Part II of Jen's interview with athlete and multi-medallist Asha Philip and in Dunleavy Does Disaster, we watch How It Ends. The answer, my friends, is badly. And that's not even a spoiler alert. Plus, there's all the news we can bear to look at in the Bush Telegraph. Send help! 

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