SIM Ep 385 Pod 114: funerals, fashion and slow-moving magma

Fancy a strangely uplifting listen about funerals? Well, Mick catches up with Poppy Mardall, founder of Poppy’s Funerals, to find out about funerals in the time of coronavirus and lockdown, how people are adapting and creating new rituals to say goodbye, and how it might have changed the landscape forever. 

Given leaving the house is now a real possibility again, we’re having to think about getting dressed, so Hannah talks to fashion journalist Naomi Barling about how lockdown might have changed our views on whether clothes are use or ornament. They also chat about how fashion needs to up its game in terms of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Plus, there's hot lava and an overly generous critique of racism and policing as Dunleavy Does Disaster does 1997’s Volcano, bodily fluids all over the shop in Bush Telegraph, and a baffling incomprehension of female pleasure in Sexism of the Week. With snails.


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