SIM Ep 374 Gig 53: McLynn and Hazarika

Back on February 14 this year, Mickey and Hannah were joined by actor and one-woman cat herd Pauline McLynn and journalist, political commentator and comedian Ayesha Hazarika. 

Now then, there’s some stuff in here that is clearly just jokes and lols – we absolutely do not endorse alcoholism or stalking. But hopefully you already knew that. And it’s very much worth remembering this was recorded back in February before we were officially in a global pandemic.

And so, please get ready for topics including the turn of a man’s ankle, Riverdance, some genuinely excellent advice, and Hannah’s rubbish, mud-covered, fully nude birthday. Among many other marvellous tangents. 

We recorded this in front of a live audience at King’s Place in London, so thanks to them, thanks to Emma Corsham for all things tech, and thanks to our lovely audience. They had a great time. And when we can host live gigs again, you should come along and have a great time, too. 

Oh, just one more thing: is Pauline the Nigel Farage of this panel? Tweet us: @StandardIssueUK

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