SIM Ep 292 Pod 88: Sisters, social media and... soccer (sorry, football)

This week best selling author Jung Chang drops by to chat to Jen about her new book Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister, and the joy of archives. Mick and Hannah chat to Sarah Raphael and Naomi Shimada about their mixed feelings around social media, how it’s affecting all of our lives and what the Dickens a Snapchat “streak” is.  

In Jenny Off The Blocks, Carrie Dunn tells us about her new book Pride of the Lionesses, among other things. Over in DDD, Hannah is warning us not to use the lifts, FFS, as we switch seamlessly from dystopia to disaster with The Towering Inferno. And there's dogging, dicksplashes and dangerous diagnoses (or not) in... The Bush Telegraph. And corned beef. A lot of corned beef. 

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