SIM Ep 290 Bonuspod: London Film Festival 2019

It's the 63rd BFI London Film Festival and our Jen has been getting right in the thick of it, chatting to top female filmmakers. She has sourced quite the eclectic bunch for you.

Alice Seabright and Elaine Gracie are director and writer of End-O, a short film about endometriosis; Anna Eborn is the director of coming-of-age documentary Transnistra, about a group of teenagers growing up in the breakaway republic of the same name; Aoife Kelly and Zainab Balogun are director and star of Walking With Shadows, a drama about a heterosexual couple whose lives are turned upside down when it's revealed husband Adrian is gay; and Svetla Tsortsorkova is writer and director of Sister, a film about secrets and lies and having a compulsive liar in the family.

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