SIM Ep 285 Pod 86: Reproductive rights, coal mining and Mars

Abortion rights, Victorian-esque coal mines, dead dictators and dodgy CGI: this week’s podzine is quite the mix. 

Filmmaker Lucy D'Cruz tells Hannah and Jen all about the current situation regarding reproductive rights in Argentina and her new documentary My Body, Their Choice. (Get involved with the crowdfunder, here: Mick chats with author Liz Hyder about her brilliant debut fiction, Bearmouth, kids down coal mines, women with wings and that time a surgical procedure had a 300 per cent mortality rate.  

There’s Bullseye, bad politicians and BBC bullshit in the Bush Telegraph, still no time travel in Jenny Off The Blocks, and Mick’s on her own when it comes to sticking up for Total Recall in (the last) Dunleavy Does Dystopia. She’s never even been to Mars! 

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