SIM Ep 248 Chops 105: Let's Talk About Death... Funerals

Poppy Mardall, founder and director of Poppy’s Funerals, stopped by to share her incredible insider knowledge about what happens within the funeral industry. A lot of it was Brand New Information, at least for Mick and Jen, who basically sat open-mouthed when they found out what you can legally do in your back garden.

This is the first in a series of Chops running throughout July, in which we talk about death. You may remember that back in May, Hannah and Mick hosted a panel event talking about death for Macmillan. The chat was fascinating and the reaction was ‘more please!’ from listeners and panel guests alike. And we don’t like to disappoint.

If it gets you thinking about how and where you would like to be cared for at the end of your life, choosing the funeral you’d like, the legacy you want to leave behind or who you want to remember in your will, Macmillan has information and resources to support the conversation and help you have it. Talking about death can be difficult but having honest conversations and taking small but simple steps, such as writing a will, can help you and your family prepare emotionally, practically and financially. Macmillan Cancer Support offer a will-writing service to help you take that first step in planning for the future, so you can get on with living life as fully a you can. Visit today for information and support.

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