SIM Ep 244 Chops 103: Period power with Maisie Hill

The menstrual cycle: it and its associated hormones (big hitters = oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone) have a massive impact on women's lives. And it's not all painful cramps and mood swings. You may have heard Mickey advertising an Audible book called Period Power, which is an unputdownable 126,000 words by women's health practitioner, birth doula and go-to authority on all things menstruation, Maisie Hill.

Mick and Jen had a natter with Maisie, and we're pretty sure what she has to say will excite and inspire you to harness those hormones and make them work better in your world – and make you ever so curious about these incredible bodies we inhabit, but which have had so little research attention. Oh, and prepare to hear a few facts, good and bad, that will blow your mind.

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