SIM Ep 181, Pod 61: Legislating, twerking and carpe-ing the diem

We're back with the first podzine of 2019, with a ray of January sunshine. Standard Issue favourite Paula McGuire is back to give you a five minute guide to keeping your pecker up, or, er being positive. We’re joined by Julie Cohen and Betsy West to talk about their new documentary RBG, about legendary Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Marina Gask swings by to tell us about online magazine Audrey, flipping the bird to the midlife comfort zone and carpe-ing the diem. Jen gets her twerk on with Kelechi Okafor, founder of the Kelechnekoff fitness studio, in the name of making fitness fun in this week’s Jenny off the Blocks, and Dunleavy does Disney’s Cars – toot, and indeed, toot.

There’s Veganuary vs Gammon controversy in the Bush Telegraph, some dastardly women having fun in Sexism of the Week, and some even worse fish in barrels.

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