SIM Ep 909 Chops 278: Vulga Drawings for your ears

Cartoonist Lily O’Farrell, who you probably know better as Vulga Drawings, does a fine line in accessible, fun, free, educational, feminist cartoons tackling hot-button topics and the kind of stuff you chat about with your female friends. 

And so it’s not surprise to find that Lily’s new podcast, No Worries If Not!, is an accessible, fun, free, educational and feminist exploration of how internet culture is affecting all of us, but women in particular. Three episodes in and Lily and her expert guests have looked at the Alpha Male myth and why it’s horseshit, talked about the insidious nature of diet culture, and investigated how AI is negatively impacting women – but also its positive possibilities.

Mick got on the Zoom with Lily to talk cartoons, podcasts, primatology, trolls, Andrew Tate, masturbation, empathy, responsibility, buying spells off Etsy – and much more besides.

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