SIM Ep 887 Pod 269: To mickle or muckle, that is the question

Nina Sosanya has been a regular presence on TV screens since the nineties, quite often portraying hard-working and so seen as “difficult” women, including Jenny in Teachers and now Leigh in Screw. Screw is back for season two, so our Hannah took the chance to get Nina on the Zoom to chat about, well, being on the Zoom, putting the prison uniform back on, those ‘difficult’ women and the strikes in America.

Jen’s chatting to Dr Friederike Otto, senior lecturer in climate science, about climate change and angry weather – which, coincidentally, is also the name of her new book. And in Jenny Off the Blocks, Jen’s rightly raging about Rubiales while also redressing the balance.

And in Rated or Dated, the team visits a time capsule set in the north (so, spoiler, Mick’s delighted), as we watch Sir Tom Courtenay deliver performance magic in 1963 British New Wave classic, Billy Liar.

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