SIM Ep 859 Pod 257: Unbreakable, unlikeable and lousy with virginity

We're back to the witch hunts this week, albeit of a different kind, as Hannah chats to Sophie Perrins, producer of new documentary Forced Out. They chat about the hard reality of what it meant to be a gay man or a lesbian in the British military at the end of the 20th century and about the brave people who stood up to this huge injustice and, eventually, forced a change. Jen's chatting to author, film critic and broadcaster, Anna Bogutskaya, about her new book Unlikeable Female Characters, and, not coincidentally, Shiv Roy. And there’s a broadcast backlash in Jenny Off The Blocks. Huge sigh. In Sexism of the Week, Mickey's got news from an Aussie bar, sorry, bra, sorry bar bra. And in Rated or Dated, load up the pussy wagon (yuk), because we're watching Grease.

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