SIM Ep 858 Chops 257: Suzy Madigan on Ukraine, and on the rise of AI

Suzy Madigan, senior humanitarian advisor on gender and protection at international humanitarian charity CARE International, is a human rights specialist who’s worked as an international humanitarian aid worker for 15 years within the UN and NGOs. So, when it comes to humanitarian crises and responses to them, she very much knows her shit. And her name probably rings a bell, because Mickey chatted to her in spring last year about the then-fairly new war on Ukraine. 

She’s back from Ukraine and back on this week’s Chops. Her recent visit to Ukraine, saw Suzy meet with the women-led organisations doing a lot of the heavy lifting in keeping the country running. She and Mickey chat about how things are on the ground, what these brilliant women are doing and their concerns now – and for what happens after the war. 

Suzy is also founder and author of The Machine Race, an ongoing series of essays investigating artificial intelligence and what it means for Joe and Joan Public. Because, as citizens, our understanding of AI is mostly pretty limited. And so, with The Machine Race, Suzy’s hoping to demystify and, in doing so, help democratise AI. Because it’s happening. And it’s happening fast. Can she stop Mick watching that Pepperoni Hug Spot advert? Find out. 

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