SIM Ep 850 Chops 254: Baz Moffat’s revolution in women’s health and fitness

Born of frustration around a lack of body literacy and taboos hindering progress in women's health and fitness, Baz Moffat, a coach and former GB rower, founded The Well HQ in 2021 with scientist Dr Emma Ross and GP Dr Bella Smith. They hoped to address the huge knowledge gap around how women’s bodies work and function, which hinders our ability to optimise performance and enjoyment in sports and fitness. Fast forward two years, with The Well going from strength to strength, they've published a new book, The Female Body Bible: A Revolution in Women’s Health and Fitness. Jen talks to Baz about her experiences as an elite athlete and coach, and the more than marginal gains to be made in women’s sport by a better understanding of women’s bodies, as well as addressing some of the myths doing the rounds around women’s participation in sport and fitness at different life stages.

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