SIM Ep 849 Pod 253: Pod save the women and girls sector

Now then, it’ll probably come as no surprise to you that we reckon 51% of the population deserve to get a bit more than the 1.8% of the grants awarded to charities in the women and girls sector. That the number is so low is new info uncovered by Rosa and its fresh research into the state of funding for women’s and girls’ organisations across the UK, so Mick got on the Zoom with Rosa’s CEO Rebecca Gill to find out more and organise a sky scream flashmob. 

Hannah’s been chatting with journalist and fellow podcaster Coco Khan, who’s just hit the podwaves as co-host of the new Pod Save the UK alongside comedian Nish Kumar. They’re talking politics and Politics and whether we’re always bound to catch a cold when America sneezes. 

Jen’s feeling a bit sheepish at the top of Jenny Off the Blocks, but makes up for it with some good news of double headers. And just how creepy can one, potentially Vaseline-smeared man be? Rated or Dated takes a look at 1993’s Indecent Proposal, and really? You couldn’t pay Mick and Hannah enough. Jen’s got her 50p ready though. 

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