SIM Ep 847 Pod 252: Welsh strength, weird stuff in boxes, and we-ellll…

Our Mick is a big fan of strength training these days, and so she was delighted to jump on the Zoom with writer Rebecca F John to hear all about real-life Welsh strongwoman Kate Williams, aka Victorian music hall sensation, Vulcana. They talk strength, beauty, heroism, tragedy, Scotland Yard, Wales, and Rebecca’s new novel Vulcana, a fictional retelling of Kate's life.


Jen catches up with professional organiser Jenn Jordan to talk about the cathartic powers of decluttering, and the unexpected things one finds in a Ryvita box. And in Jenny Off The Blocks we look back at a HUGE weekend in women's sport.


This Is Spinal Tap quite rightly holds a special place in Hannah's heart – and Mick's. And the team all loved Christopher Guest's debut mockumentary, 1996's Waiting For Guffman. So what will they make of his 20-year-old foray into folk, A Mighty Wind? And how do you get a potato out of a paddywagon?

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