SIM Ep 846 Pod 251: Comedy royalty, centring netball and what's happening in Timeline B

Vicki Pepperdine is in some of our favourite comedies, so - of course - we leapt at the chance to have her on the podcast. Vicki chats to Hannah about playing Princess Anne in The Windsors, working with Julia Davis, their "filthy" podcast Dear Joan and Jericha, and why not enough people have watched Getting On. In Jenny Off the Blocks, Jen chats to Kelly Gordon, executive lead for Netball England’s NETBALLHer campaign, about sport for life and the barriers women face when it comes to sports participation. In Rated or Dated, we overpluck our eyebrows and crack open a Grolsch, because we're watching 1998's Sliding Doors. And Mick's got some batfish news in the Bush Telegraph, where we're also trying to untie an artistic gordian knot.

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