SIM Ep 836 Pod 247: Clean spaces, dazzling talent, and how close is the airport?

Beaches are nice, eh? Green spaces are nice, eh? Looking at places generally not covered in shit is nice, eh? They are, and in this week’s podzine, Jen’s chatting to Nicky Green, CEO of the Two Minute Foundation, about how we can all do our bit to keep Britain tidy (remember that?) in a teeny-tiny amount of time. 

Hannah’s been talking to Lucy O’Brien, author of many music books about brilliant women. They cover a whole load of ground about being a woman in the music business, but focus on Karen Carpenter, an incredible musician whose tragedy tends to overshadow her achievements, as detailed in Lucy’s latest book, Lead Sister: The Story of Karen Carpenter

This week’s Rated or Dated is a particularly interesting and complicated slice of history, with added Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy and Sidney Poitier, as we watch 1967/8’s Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner. Make another pie would you, Tillie? 

And where’s Mick? Well, you might find her in a feather boa, sambuca in hand, being loud near Rolex wearers in York. Sorrywhatnow? The Bush Telegraph should put you straight. 

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