SIM Ep 833 Pod 246: Does this taste like metal?

We're full of life advice in this week’s podzine. First up, Mick chats to Helen Wills, mum of teenagers and host of the Teenage Kicks podcast, about navigating the teenage years as a parent, letting go of control, and what we can learn from the adolescents in our lives.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens if someone dies without family or money to deal with the aftermath, Evie King has written a book about exactly this, Ashes to Admin: Takes from the Caseload of a Council Funeral Officer. She chats to Hannah about the practicalities of planning a funeral and why it’s good to keep death at the back of our mind.

In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen’s chatting equal prize money, stupid stories, and alpine excellence, and for god’s sake don’t say his name three times – we’re watching 1988’s Beetlejuice in Rated or Dated.

Meanwhile there’s #Patygate, policing, and period pains in the Bush Telegraph – but does it taste of metal?

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