SIM Ep 828 Pod 244: A superstar artist, soapstar queens, and a toe for everyone!

Politics, power and sex play important parts in both of this week’s interviews. Ahead of new BBC documentary, Becoming Frida Kahlo, Hannah’s been on the Zoom with filmmakers Louise Lockwood and Nancy Bornat to talk about the superstar Mexican painter, who channelled her pain, heartache and womanhood into her art. 

Jen takes us even further back in time to revisit Tudor queens, Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, who are the focus of a new exhibition at Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. Assistant curator Kate McCaffrey chats about Catherine and Anne: Queens, Rivals, Mothers and explains why we still find their lives so fascinating. 

In Jenny Off The Blocks, Jen’s talking about athletics, and a big new deal in women’s sport. In Rated or Dated, there’s bowling, blunts and bonus Tara Reid, as we watch a bonafide cult classic: 1998’s The Big Lebowski. And in the Bush Telegraph, we’re talking boats, bellends, some really bad policies, and Mick is absolutely not wishing you a happy International Women’s Day. 

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